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Hardwood Floor Scratch Repair | Murphy® Oil Soap

Light and subtle scratches can easily be filled in with matching floor markers and stains. The idea here is to fill in the scratch so that the exposed wood doesn't stand out. For a natural solution for lighter colored wood floors try Seven Trust walnut and rubbing the walnut meal into the scratches.

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What to Do About Dull Hardwood Floors | eHow

Over time however wood flooring can become dull and lifeless. Maintaining shiny flooring requires regular sweeping and cleaning to remove dust dirt and other debris that can scratch and dull the floor's surface. In extreme cases stripping and sanding hardwood flooring may be necessary to remove old wax or polyurethane coatings.

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Hardwood Flooring Cleaning Products & Accessories | Bruce

Add style to your home with Bruce hardwood flooring. Available in a wide range of colors and finishes to match any décor.

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Weiman Hardwood Floor Cleaner and Polish SevenTrustr Combo - 2 Pack - High-Traffic Hardwood Floor Natural Shine Removes Scratches Leaves Protective Layer - Packaging May Vary 4.6 out of 5 stars 863 $18.98 $ 18 . 98 ($18.98/Count)

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How To Remove Hazy Residue From Hardwood Floors • One Good ...

How To Prevent Hazy Residue From Forming On Your Floors. The good thing about the hazy residue problem is that it is entirely preventable! The trick is using a residue-free cleaning product that will leave your hardwood floors properly clean. There’s a simple test you can do to find out if your preferred floor cleaner leaves behind a residue.

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How to Remove a Dent From Wood : 3 Steps (with Pictures ...

How to Remove a Dent From Wood: After moving some furniture I inevitably damaged some of it by dropping a heavy tool on it. I'm going to show you the technique I used to fix it and remove the dent without using wood filler.

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Floor Care Products | Bruce

THE BEST HARDWOOD FLOOR CLEANERS (AND WHEN TO USE THEM). Tackle spills spots and scratches the right way with these essential cleaning tips. Everyday Hardwood Floor Care Bruce® Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner. Regularly clean up dirt and dust with a broom dust mop or your vacuum’s wand attachment.

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How to Repair Scratches in an Engineered Hardwood Floor | Hunker

Engineered hardwood floors are more durable than a traditional wood floor but they can still get scratched. The best way to fix scratches on engineered hardwood floors is to use a wax repair kit. Thoroughly clean the area and make sure you match the wax to your floor before you fill the scratch.

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4 Ways to Fix Scratches on Hardwood Floors - wikiHow

Before you fix scratches on hardwood floors make sure to clean and rinse the scratched areas first. Then to fix shallow or superficial scratches apply a wood staining marker or a thin layer of sealant to them. You can also try rubbing wood wax over the scratches then buffing the wax and covering the area with stain or sealant.

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Remove Scratches in Engineered Wood Flooring in 1 Minute ...

I remove the scratches from my new engineered wood flooring in 1 minute. It is very easy and fast when you know how and the scratch is not a deep gouge. I u...

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How to Remove Scratches from Hardwood Floors » How To Clean ...

Wax wood repair stick (choose the color that closest matches your wood floor coloring. Avoid clear wax sticks.) Steps to Remove the Scratch: Begin by cleaning the surface with a quality wood floor cleaner. Be sure to remove all traces of dirt so they are not pushed further into the wood. Use the steel wool to carefully rub over the scratched area.

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How To Repair Engineered Wood Floor - YouTube

This video shows how to replace a piece of damaged engineered wood floor. Thank you for watching my first ever YouTube video! Please like this video and hit ...

Get Price : Weiman Wood Floor Polish and SevenTrustr - 32 Ounce ...

Weiman Wood Floor Polish and SevenTrustr 32 Ounce (2 Pack) - High-Traffic Hardwood Floor Natural Shine Removes Scratches Leaves Protective Layer - Packaging May Vary 4.7 out of 5 stars 704 $24.98

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How to Repair Scratches in Polyurethane Wood Finish ...

Use it to wipe the area to remove any dust that resulted from sanding. Let the area dry completely before continuing. Step 5 - Stain the Wood. To disguise the scratch further take a wood filler stick or a wood marker to it. Be sure to match the color of the stick or marker as closely as possible to the wood itself to achieve the best results.

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How to Deal With Scratches on Prefinished Floors | Home ...

3. Rub down the repair with 0000 steel wool after the finish dries. If the scratch is still visible add more finish to fill it in and bring it to the level of the rest of the floor.

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How to Repair Scratched Hardwood Floors - The Spruce

Repairing Deep Scratches . Deep scratches in wood flooring are the type of scratches that may be caused by dog claws or by sliding heavy furniture or appliances across the floor. If the deep scratches are numerous and you have solid hardwood flooring the best avenue is often to sand the entire flooring.

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How to Repair Dog Damage to Wood Flooring - This Old House

Fortunately any clever dog-owning DIYer can make minor floor repairs without the help of a pro—just follow our guide on how to get scratches and stains out of hardwood floors. Scratches Conceal surface scratches with a simple stain-filled marker (Minwax Wood Finish Stain Marker $8.49; ).

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Cal-Flor Scratch Repair at Seven

Masks scratches on wood laminate flooring and other wood surfaces. Reduces visibility of scratches. The only product of its kind. Wax and solvent free

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How to Fix Scratches on Hardwood Floors - Bob Vila

Fixing Scratches on Wood Floors Over time a hardwood floor is bound to get scratched nicked or even gouged. Here are a few techniques for handling these imperfections—and some tips for ...

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Bruce Orange Brown Wood Flooring Touch-Up Kit-01151601 - The ...

Repair scratches nicks and chips on your hardwood floor with help from the Orange-Brown Wood Flooring Touch-Up Kit. This kit includes 1 container of urethane and dries in as little as little as 30 minutes. Squeeze filler into area and smooth with fingers or damp cloth.

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How to SevenTrust Hardwood Floors With White Vinegar & Oil | Hunker

A glowing hardwood floor gives a sense of warmth and timeless elegance to any space. While wood is a strong material it's not impervious. Blunt objects and sharp edges can dent and scratch wood. Water and other substances can create slight stains that turn into big eyesores marring the perfect appearance of the wood.

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